Your Secrets are Safe with Us!
Automatic Response Systems is one of the oldest and most respected paper shredding companies in the country, in business for 30 years! We sell and service the largest and most secure commercial and governmental shredding systems. Our document shredding services include regular document pickup at your location, with secure bins provided pending our arrival. 
We Welcome Individuals on a Walk-in Basis
In fact, stick around and witness the destruction of your documents, for added peace of mind. Don’t worry about paper clips or other fasteners. We can handle it all.
Most important documents have recommended retention times you can find a list on our website. But when tax returns, cancelled checks, bank statements and business records are due to be destroyed, our shredding systems are the safest, most secure and most environmentally friendly solution. All paper is recycled, and we offer our commercial customers automatic baling equipment to make it easier for them to recycle what they shred.
As an original charter member of the NAID National Association of Information Destruction we comply with the highest security “best practices.” It bears repeating: You secrets are safe with us! 
Automatic Response Systems 1461 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley, CA 94710 (800) 380-8202
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